50 Days of Movement

If you subscribe to our monthly newsletter, you know that as of Sunday, November 12th, there will be 50 days left in the year 2017.

We are challenging Paragon clients, readers and followers to perform 50 days of 50 movement to close out 2017 and get a jump on those New Year’s Resolutions.  Any movement is highly encouraged-so feel free to include going for a walk, riding your bike, going to the gym, or anything else you enjoy.  At Paragon, we are strong believers in a full body mobility routine consisting of Controlled Articular Rotations, or CARs.

Any CAR you perform should be a slow, controlled circular motion of the joint you’re targeting, and should not involve any other parts of the body.


If you’re rotating your shoulder, don’t allow your chest, hips, back, etc. to help out and compensate!

The video below is a quick example of some CARs to add to your daily routine– your body will thank you!!

-Rib Cage
-Upper Back flexion/extension
-Lower Back flexion/extension

Movement Vitamins from Adam Reeder on Vimeo.


Would you like to try these (and many more) daily movement strategies out in person?  Use the form below to send us an email, and we’ll get you scheduled for your first session at Paragon today!




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